Few experiences in a man's time in this world are more important to him than those shared with his closest friends. whether it is the drudgery of daily routine or seeing new and exciting things for the first time, having comrades with him makes these times special now and will preserve memories for the distant future.

This is the essence of fraternity life. Brotherhood is a word that defies definition to those have not had firsthand experience in Greek life. Definitions of brotherhood are very personal and very different. True brotherhood may be the closest tie you have with your fellow men. It is a sense of belonging, but is also an understanding of a man's worthiness to be part of a special group which has achieved great things. It is a family, the closest equivalent to a home away from home.

Fraternity life has a development period, commonly referred to as pledgeship. In Phi Delta Theta, this time is known as the Phikeia Program. This period is designed to prepare men to take on the obligations of full membership. As a Phikeia, a man is instructed in the history, life, principles, and lore of the Fraternity so that he may have an appreciation of the organization he is joining.

In Phi Delta Theta, a young man who has been invited to become a member, and who has accepted this invitation by his formal pledge, may wear a pin and is known as a Phikeia.